The shifting sands of an intern

Blogging and video and social media were all big ideas of mine last fall when drawing up internship plans for my Formation in Ministry class at the seminary, which I’ve been exercising mostly at The Table. I say “mostly” because this spring, my focus started to shift to something that is tied to my seminary internship, and more importantly my call to ministry, but not at The Table. Since about February, I started spending increasing amounts of time preparing for a wedding that concluded just 10 days ago, and I was the licensed official presiding over this ceremony. As a consequence, blogging here took a back seat and the significant amount of time and creative energy it takes to dream up, film, edit, and produce video also had to be checked.

Feeling like I should still offer something to my fellowship and community at The Table, I offer a link to something I just posted on my personal blog, Restorative Theology, that is an attempt at some creative nonfiction writing and ministry reflection. It was written to satisfy a paperwork requirement for my class, and was sent to my small group leader, but it was written with a much broader audience in mind, and I try capture some of the essence of the experience. It may connect with a few of you, it may be too far away for you to approach meaningfully. All the same, here it is:

At the end of all things normal…peace – Restorative Theology

Brian Gumm is an EMS intern at The Table for the 2009-10 academic year, and is now very eager for that academic year to conclude.