What to expect on a Sunday Evening


Our services regularly include: gathering, praise, imaginative engagement with Scripture, reflection and response, prayer, tithing, communion, and being sent out to care for the world in the name of Jesus. The order of each service is determined by themes that emerge from Scripture during each week’s worship planning session.

Ways we fellowship together:

Sunday Worship


[Covid-19 Update:  During this long season of illness, we have gathered online and outside with masks and distancing.  We long for restored health in our community and world, and for the day when we can again gather in the Dean house to share communion and meals together again.]

We begin worship around 4:30 at 110 S. High St., a red brick home owned by Community Mennonite Church called The Dean House. As a small group we are more likely to wait until most people have gathered than to start promptly at our designated start time.

When you join us for worship, you can expect to sit in a circle. We sing a highly varied collection of hymns, ranging from the very old to the brand new, and touching around the world. We draw on the participation of many, and routinely engage in reflection and response related to the lectionary texts for the week or a scripture theme.

And we expect, each Sunday, an invitation to the Lord’s Table, where all who seek are welcomed, fed, and empowered for service.

Coming to The Table means coming to expect invitations — to participate, to reflect, to engage in community, to be fed, and to go out with fresh courage to serve our neighbors.